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Are Sweden and the US going down a similar path?

Yesterday, I addressed a Swedish group of researchers on problems in the US courts. I learned that Sweden is not so different now from the US. Both countries are veering on the edge of totalitarianism. Here is the video of yesterday’s conversation, which was wide-ranging and —for me, at least–most educational. Specifics were given as to the problem with bought-off judges, as well as their impact in both adult guardianships and child custody matters. MORE JANET PHELAN ARTICLES Read More

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To buy the book and support Janet Please click on the image above Judge Stephen Cunnison then got up and left the bench. I sat with Jack, waiting for my hearing on the restraining order to be called. After about twenty minutes, the bailiff came in and told us that court was closed for the day. “Jack,” I whispered, “How could this be? I get a hearing, don’t I? Doesn’t the law, the Constitution guarantee me a hearing?” “I think so,” he whispered back. We got up to leave. “Let’s go check the calendar,” I suggested. The calendar would be on file in the clerk’s office, so we trundled downstairs and into the probate office. “Would you check this morning’s docket, to see if a restraining order hearing was scheduled?” I asked. The clerk bustled off. In strode David Horspool. He parked himself at the counter, about three feet away from us. He appeared to be simply lounging there, making no effort to engage the clerks. “I think he is spying on us, Jack,” I whispered. Jack suddenly seemed very nervous. “I have to go smoke,” he announced. “Let’s go.”… Read More


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