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How to Research Your Judge Course January 2023

Phelan Janet Court Victim Community Course HOW TO RESEARCH YOUR JUDGE 2023

HOW TO RESEARCH YOUR JUDGE 2023 28 January class Please contact me if interested. Here is another case where this research had a profound effect. Justice in the Time of Corona – Activist Post (SEE BELOW) Justice in the Time of Corona – Activist Post The first class for 2023 on HOW TO RESEARCH YOUR JUDGE will be held on January 28 at 2 pm Central Time. As we continue to reel under judicial oppression, with ostensibly no legal recourse, this research has proven, time and time again, to make an impact in cases where judges are ignoring the law and the human and civil rights of litigants. The class remains at the very low registration fee of $30. If you are unable to pay that, please contact me directly as fee waivers are available. We need an army of people doing this research, which can show that judges are compromised and are throwing cases and being paid off, under the table, to do so. This is not justice. This is a charade of justice. Please join us on January 28 and start to make a difference in your case,… Read More

ACFE When Caretakers Empty the Coffers: A Look at Guardianship Fraud By Brett Darken

In nearly every state, guardians are considered fiduciaries. As such, they have a duty to act in their clients’ best financial interests. Sadly, that’s not always the case Anti-fraud professionals know that fraudsters often target victims when they’re most vulnerable. When people are processing strong emotions — like dealing with the mental or physical decline of a family member — it’s easy to ignore red flags that something’s amiss. During these times courts may appoint a guardian with the idea that an impartial third-party is better equipped to handle the financial responsibilities involved with taking care of an incapacitated individual. Unfortunately, in some cases, this can open the door for fraudsters to commit fiduciary fraud. Guardianships Guardianship can be ordered by a judge when they determine that a person is unable care for their own affairs. The judge orders an independent guardian, or conservator, to oversee and look out for the well-being of the person who can’t care for themselves. Guardianships frequently involve the elderly, or adults who have some form of dementia or mental incapacitation, but as demonstrated in the recent Brittany Spears case that garnered worldwide media attention,… Read More


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