Christopher Jordan Dorner

HOW A PROVEN CORRUPT POLICE DEPARTMENT PROMOTES ABUSERS AND CRIMINALS, PUNISHES ANYONE WHO SPEAKS OUT. ASSANGE, SNODEN AND DORNER ARE EXAMPLES Los Angeles Police Department has been exposed many times for Corruption, cover up, abuse and racism. FACTUAL LONG HISTORY OF CORRUPTION WITHIN THE DEPARTMENT Hundreds of cases involving LAPD officers accused of corruption now under review 3 LAPD officers charged with falsifying records to claim people were gang members, associates Rampart scandal Rampart scandal Timeline WHAT WOULD A CORRUPT POLICE DEPARTMENT DO TO COVER UP IT’S CRIMES AND ABUSE? While some who follow a corrupt agenda may not think Christopher Dorner is a court victim, if you check your facts, he was victimized by a proven corrupt and unethical Judge David P. Yaffe who is a known and proven judge who accepts bribes from Los Angeles County which are paid via taxpayer funds. See SBX211 Going to court seeking justice, Dorner had no idea that all his efforts, money, evidence, facts and documentation would be totally ignored by Judge Yaffe having been bribed. The public needs to be aware of the facts and cover up by a very corrupt… Read More