Betrayal of the Public’s Trust

If there ever was a “magic bullet” to kill off a threat to our liberty, no matter what corner of life it may come from, then it surely must be the charge of betrayal of the public’s trust.  To betray the trust of the general public is the most heinous of crimes, for it brings about a distrust across the boards, nothing is above suspicion anymore after that.  If we can’t trust the ones who have actually made a solemn promise to perform some sort of duty for us, then whom can we trust?

Corporations are chartered by the State in which they incorporate, to perform certain tasks and live up to certain responsibilities, and when they do not, then they need to be dismantled and replaced with new corporations with all new officers who WILL perform as they promise to do.   And the offenders need to be sent to jail for their transgressions against society.

There is not one corporation that has ever been given a charter to operate, that did not make a claim of some sort to have the best interests of the public as a founding principle and method of operation.  There has to be some positive outcome for society in general, apparent.  If there is any corporation that has made an upfront claim of desiring to be of bad character and a poor steward of the public’s trust and the environment, then which one is it, and how did it ever get the Secretary of State to issue articles of incorporation for it?  That would go straight against the job description of the Secretary of State now, wouldn’t it?  Or do they have a different one which they are not telling us about?

Just as a marriage between two people is based upon mutual trust of fidelity, mutual benefits, mutual obligations, etc, so too, must a corporation be based upon these and several other things.  When the parties to a marriage violate their vows, then there are grounds for a divorce, a cancellation of the alleged contract between them.  Who can be forced to remain in the confines of any kind of abusive relationship, be it a marriage or being subservient to a corporation?  When a corporation has been found to be in violation of the terms of its articles of incorporation, then it must be dissolved, abolished, done away with, so that it no longer poses any real harm to society or even a threat of harm.

No State has the right, power or authority to bring into being a corporation that will bring any kind of harm to anyone or the environment as a normal course of business.  That kind of basic premise, to bring harm to others, is against the survival of Mankind and must never be allowed, no matter how great the potential profit for such activities may look to someone.  The furtherance of the best interests of the general public, and not the extremely small minority of the corporate employees who man the corporation or profit from it, absolutely MUST take precedence over all else.  How can it be any other way?  Is there some kind of reason that makes it acceptable to act with malfeasance against others?

All of this of course is just so plain as the nose on our face obvious, that it seems ludicrous that it needs to be brought up at all.  But yet, it does!  Have we really become so dumbed down as a society, that we can no longer see even the most basic of truths anymore?  Are we really so self-centered and unable to think in a straight line longer than to just the end of our own nose, that we think that this is good for us as a whole?  Where does it all end then?

So now, to where does this line of logic and reasoning lead us?  Is it a way out of any presumed obligations or silent judicial notice being taken against us?  This Author gives an emphatic YES! to that question.  This is just another facet, or way of looking at the Three Magic Questions; What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYBODY has the right to commit?  What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYBODY has a bona fide obligation to endure?  What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of in the instant case?  The Dear Reader is asked to go back over the above, line by line, thinking about each one if there is any confusion at all here.  This IS the woof and warp of how our society is operating now; fraud everywhere we look.  There’s not even one corner of the universe where total truth is the rule, someone is using fraud of some kind in order to gain an advantage over others, but some do get away with it better than most.  All that one needs to do is to take an honest look at their opinion leaders or favorite “ism” and then they will see the obvious truth before their eyes.  But so long as those opinion leaders and favorite “isms” remain in place, confusion will reign.

So when we see corporations like Monsanto, Merck, Cargill, ADM, Bank of America and many others too numerous to list here creating products or doing things that have extremely harmful effects on us all, why are they allowed to remain in business?  Are the short term profits really worth the long term harm and damage that they are inflicting upon us all?  Don’t we have any kind of mechanism in place to ensure that the public’s trust is preserved and not abused?  Isn’t that supposed to be the job of the court system?  But as has been amply shown in previous articles by this Author, the court system is totally corrupted now, just as what it had replaced was.  So where do we go and what do we do about it?  How about exposing the scams as we find them, warn others to not participate in them due to the extreme peril there, and then let them simply die off for a lack of being fed?  No organism of any kind can survive for very long without being fed, can it?  Can corporations go dormant, and then rear their hideously ugly heads once again to threaten us?  Not if their articles of incorporation have been revoked for violations they can’t.  Then they are surely just as dead as a snake that has had its head cut off.  They can no longer be a bother to anyone, and should any Secretary of State issue articles of incorporation to a group after that which does harm to the public and no action is taken to prevent or halt it, then the Secretary of State should go to prison for life for malfeasance in office.  Pretty drastic measures for sure, but how else to convey the seriousness of their crimes to others who would contemplate filling their pockets by betraying the public’s trust?

This is why we need to get rid of the privatized legal system with its inherent corruption and dereliction of duties, and restore to us all the common law system like we had in place before the Erie RR v. Tompkins case in1939.  The BAR is second as a den of thieves and vipers only to the banking system, which is now ruining the whole world with its fiat currencies.  One of them cannot survive without the other in place, just as neither of them can survive without an uneducated society stumbling along in the darkness.  They work hand in glove to keep people ignorant and dependent upon them.  No lieyer would ever sign an affidavit for his or her client stating that they would always represent the best interests of the client instead of the State.  To do so would be committing career suicide.  This is confirmed by Section 14, Attorney and Client, in the Corpus Juris Secundum.  Do not be swayed by some lieyer claiming that what that means is if an attorney knows of a crime committed by a client, that they are compelled to disclose said crime.  If that’s what it really meant, then that’s what it would say, and not what it does say, that the client cannot expect his or her attorney to not sell them out in the interests of the State at all times.  If that were really made known, then no one would ever hire an attorney for anything but taking out the garbage, because they cannot be trusted to work for real justice to be dispensed in the legal system, only an assured paycheck win, lose or draw.  Imagine someone painting your house or working on your car and you had no guarantee of the quality of their work??  Would you ever hire such a character?  Why should we have to endure the fraud of the legal system any longer?  Is it because to not do so would put them out of work?  Surely there must be a better excuse than that one, if an excuse is needed to justify allowing a crime to take place that is.

Just as a nation will perish from a lack of knowledge, if it is educated and educated well, it will flourish and prosper.  If the public fool system were to be taken over by competent men and women again, professionals who actually taught our children what they need to know in order to succeed in life, our nation would rise up again and be the envy of the rest of the world once more.  Now we are viewed as nothing but a door mat to wipe dirty feet upon and a place to seek a free meal and a free bed to sleep in.  If our churches were actually places of worship, not a business owned by the governments that issues them licenses to operate, places where we could take our children and know that they were safely looked after, then we could truly call ourselves blessed.

But these words will fall on many deaf ears and not be seen by blind eyes.  Those who seek fame and fortune over freedom, they are the ones who have blind eyes and deaf ears.  But the ones who can see and hear well, they will spread these words to others, because they will be able to see the truth and logic in them.

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